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5 Things To Check If Your Furnace Stops Working

5 Things To Check If Your Furnace Stops Working

You’re wearing the thickest of your socks, a tightly wrapped scarf around your neck, and a fluffy sweater, but you’re still shivering—inside your home. If you rely on your furnace and this suddenly happens, then it could be the reason for the discomfort. Maybe it stopped working.

Here’s what you need to check when your furnace suddenly stopped running:

Dirty Furnace Filters

Is your furnace not blowing as it usually does? Dirty air filters often cause why your heating system performs this way. And when the air filters trap dust, dirt, and debris, it blocks the vital airflow. Then, it overheats the heat ex-changer, preventing your furnace from working correctly.

You should change your filters every three months as recommended by your equipment manufacturer’s manual. You can also opt to purchase a new filter from your local hardware store or ask for a professional’s help.

Thermostat Issues

The source of many malfunctioning furnaces is also the thermostat, the control center of your heating system. If you want to troubleshoot, set your thermostat to heat, then put it five degrees above room temperature and check if the furnace comes on.

If it’s not working, the problem may be the thermostat’s batteries. You can easily avoid this issue by replacing the batteries every year.

Is Your Furnace Turned On?

This question may be a no-brainier, but is your furnace turned on? If maintenance work or repair was recently done on your equipment, but it’s not working, you might need to check the system’s switch. Furnaces have a basic power switch. Look for a standard wall switch on your furnace and see if it’s on or off.

You can also try to check on your circuit breaker or fuse for your heating system. It might be turned off. Lastly, you need to ensure that the front panel covering the blower motor is securely fastened.

Inspect Your Air Ducts

Are there cold spots in your house even with hot air coming from the vents? The air ducts may be the reason behind it. Look for handles that overhang from the ducts—these are the dampers that control airflow. Make sure that they’re fully open.

If your other room is still cold, you may have leaking ducts or incorrectly designed ducts. You need to check on it because it can increase your energy bill. You can also contact your local HVAC pros to help you with your problem.

Get an Appointment with Experts

If your furnace is still not working even with all of the above tips, it’s time to contact the professionals. We do not recommend performing a DIY repair on your furnace because this type of complex job is best left to professionals. That’s why it’s essential to call a qualified HVAC repair technician.

If you’re looking for the best experts to help you with your furnace dilemma in your Thibodaux, LA, home? Please leave it to us at A&G Refrigeration as we get it back up and running again. Contact us today!

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