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IAQ Products & Services in Thibodaux, LA & Surrounding Areas

Indoor Air Quality

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, poor indoor air quality is one of the top five biggest threats to health. This is no surprise as the indoor air quality in your residential or commercial space is likely two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air.

The good thing is that indoor air quality management doesn’t have to be expensive. At A&G Refrigeration, we offer a wide range of IAQ products and services designed to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We have plenty of solutions including:

  • Air cleaners and filters
  • Ventilators
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Whole-home humidifiers
  • UV lights
  • Duct sealing and repair

Common IAQ Pollutants

Knowing the common IAQ enemies help you gain total control of your indoor environment. At A&G Refrigeration, we can help you eliminate common IAQ pollutants, such as:

  • Allergens
  • Mold
  • Lead particles
  • Dander
  • Pollen
  • Secondhand smoke
  • VOCs
  • Asbestos

Don’t Take Chances

Many of our IAQ products can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms, so you can stay safe and healthy at home. Contact A&G Refrigeration at (985) 446-6256 today for a free in-home consultation.


Your home should be your safe place, but is your inside air dangerous to your heath? We offer a variety of indoor air quality products, each of which target and combat numerous indoor air pollutants. Our indoor air quality products will help you maintain a clean and healthy indoor air environment, creating a safe haven for your family.


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