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You will need nothing less than the best A/C installation in Raceland, LA. Why is that? It is because the place experiences extreme seasonal variations throughout the year. The summers here are long and hot. With a poorly-performing air conditioning system, you won’t be able to combat the extreme heat and your bills will rise dramatically.

A&G Refrigeration provides the best A/C installation service you can count on. Our team of experts is skilled in all cooling installation projects.

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Signs That You Need a New A/C Installation

Anything from strange noises to a rise in your power bill can be a potential sign that you need a new A/C installation in Raceland, LA. The heat and environmental factors can take a toll on any air conditioner. If you see any or a combination of the symptoms mentioned below, you may have to consider getting a new unit soon.

Unusual Noises

Almost all of the newer air conditioner models today only emit low-level noises when you turn them on. An A/C shouldn’t be making creaking, clanking, buzzing, or rattling sounds when they work to cool your rooms. When you hear these unusual noises, it can mean that one of its parts has come loose. But when the sound you hear is more of a grinding sound, that could mean something serious.

You may need to repair it or just get a new one. A licensed professional technician can identify where the unusual sounds are coming from and diagnose the problem.

Bad Odors

Now, this is a symptom that you should never ignore. An A/C should never emit anything other than fresh, clean air. One of its purposes is to provide you with better indoor air quality.

If you smell anything odd coming from your air conditioner, then the problem should be addressed ASAP. The smells tend to get worse over time. A quick diagnostic test can be performed to determine if you need a routine tune-up or a full replacement.

A tune-up will require a complete cleaning session along with duct cleaning to ensure that all the potential sources of the bad odors are removed. Technicians may even use UV lamps to eliminate any microbial growth.

Frequent Breakdowns

When your home’s A/C tends to break down a lot more frequently, that is a strong indication that your unit needs a replacement and a new installation is necessary. If you are paying a lot more money for repairs and parts replacement, then maybe it’s time to get a new unit installed. This option will save you a lot of trouble.

Higher Energy Bills

Have your energy bills gone off the roof in the past several months? If you have an A/C that has been around for a long time, then it’s probably the culprit behind the increasing electricity bills. Upgrading to a new air conditioner will not only keep your home cooler but will also reduce your monthly bills significantly.

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An A/C is an investment and represents a huge cost if you’re buying a new one. That is why you will need the help of licensed professionals to determine if you need a new A/C installation in Raceland, LA or not.

Call the experts from A&G Refrigeration at 985-446-6256 for a diagnostic check. We are the leading company that provides top-notch A/C installation in Raceland, LA.


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