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Commercial buildings and water vessels require high-quality HVAC services. A lacking service can result in unimaginable consequences. 

For reliable commercial and marine services in Raceland, LA, look no further than A&G Refrigeration, Inc. Our team designs effective and efficient HVAC and refrigeration solutions for the marine and commercial buildings in the city. 

Commercial & Marine HVAC Services: Why Hire a Professional

The need for a professional technician to service industrial buildings and water vessels shouldn’t be questioned. The heating and cooling of commercial spaces and water vessels is complex and involve many risks; this alone should be enough reason not to leave the task to amateurs.

But if you are still hesitant about hiring a licensed HVAC contractor that provides commercial and marine services in Raceland, LA, you should read the following perks that pro technicians offer:

Guaranteed Safety

HVAC equipment in commercial space and marines involves flammable gases, hazardous chemicals, toxic fumes, and high electrical voltage that can endanger the lives of any untrained individuals who attempt to service their unit.

Letting the experts handle the job does not only guarantee comfort but also your safety. Certified technicians are aware of any safety hazards involved in the job and know how to implement required precautionary measures to prevent accidents. 

Fast & Quality Service

When your system malfunctions, you want it to be up and running quickly before your employees, tenants, and customers become less comfortable. After all, an uncomfortable situation can hurt your business.

A handyperson may also be able to finish an HVAC task fast, but you cannot guarantee a quality result. With certified technicians, on the other hand, you can expect fast and high-quality work. 

Money Savings

The best reason to hire a certified technician to service your HVAC unit comes down to money. It may seem counterintuitive, but paying for a professional technician can save you money. This is because pros eliminate the risk for further damage to the equipment, which could result in more repair expenses. Pros can also ensure that the HVAC system constantly operates at the most energy-efficient rate. 


The level of expertise and knowledge required to install commercial and marine systems is far different from that of a residential system. Most modern marine systems have a sophisticated control system that needs configuration. They come with advanced capabilities such as dehumidification. Professional technicians got the knowledge required to work on such complex pieces of equipment and ensure that they’ll work properly.

Why Choose A&G Refrigeration, Inc. 

We’re experts in roof-top work. Before installing or servicing your HVAC equipment, A&G Refrigeration engineers work with existing and new commercial buildings to determine factors that could affect solutions’ efficiency and safety. 

Our team is also well versed in methods of rooftop lifting of HVAC equipment. If needed, we employ helicopters and cranes. 

A&G Refrigeration Inc. engineers also service the A/C and refrigeration of inland and offshore vessels, production platforms, drilling rigs, and living quarters. We design systems from the ground up based on your vessel’s requirements.

Equipped with years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we’ll help create the most suitable indoor climate for your vessel so you and your passengers can sail in comfort.

Let’s talk about your commercial and marine service needs in Raceland, LA. Contact us at 985-446-6256 to schedule an appointment. 


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