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Getting the best crane rentals in Raceland, LA is essential for any project. But before you enter into any deal, you should consider several important factors. Not all crane operators can offer you the best deals. At A&G Refrigeraion, you can find affordable and dependable crane rental services for your project.

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Factors to Consider Before You Hire Crane Rentals


Ask the company if they can give you an inventory or at least a summary of their crane types. Getting this information can help you decide if their cranes suit your projects. For instance, if your current project involves constructing a tall building, you will want a rental company that can provide you with tower cranes.

Licensing and Insurance

These companies are required to obtain extensive certification and licensing as they have to be legally registered and listed. Their rigging specialists and operators are also required to be licensed and certified. During your consultation, you should ask about their documentation.

An upstanding company will be more than happy to prove to you that they are a bona fide crane rental. They will also show their insurance documentation and high-value bonding policies. They know that they are winning a customer over to their side when they can prove their status.

Combined Experience

The overall experience of the company and its operators and riggers is another thing that you should consider. Find out how long they have been in operation and which projects they had the privilege to be a part of. Find out how extensive is the training of their crane operators. You need to be sure that the individual operators and the entire company have the relevant industry experience.

Available Machines and Their Capacities

The next question is how large their fleet is? You can be sure that you are not the only customer that they are serving. Do they have to pull out cranes from one job site to your site just to fulfill your orders? If they have to do that, then that may cause some significant delays in your operations.

The company should also have sufficient numbers of cranes to fulfill their obligation to you as their customer. They may be able to offer a dedicated team of cranes and other machines for your project.

Safety Record

Their safety record reveals to you how well the company performs in actual practice. Remember that cranes can become hazardous machines when mishandled. They can cause a lot of damage and cause serious injury and death.

A strong safety record and a robust safety strategy will be an impressive offering from any crane rental company.

Contracts That are Clear and Well-Defined

The contracts should be pretty straightforward with all the terms defined clearly. The cost should also be there, along with both parties’ obligations spelled out in their entirety.

Complimentary Services

There will be times when you need more than just cranes and crane operators. Do they have other heavy machines that they can rent to you? Do they know other contractors that can be hired to be part of your team? See if you can sweeten the deal before you affix your signatures on any contracts.

Trusted Crane Rental Services from A&G Refrigeration

We have been serving various clients since 1968 and have completed numerous projects, including office spaces and other infrastructures.

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