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Winter means it’s time to ensure your heating system is in its best condition when the temperature drops. While many homeowners neglect their furnace until there’s a problem, it’s essential to know if you need an immediate heating system replacement.

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5 Heating Replacement Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

Heating systems are complicated, but there are a few facts that you should know when it comes to replacing your old one. Here are five heating replacement facts every homeowner should know before they decide to replace their system.

Replacing your heating system will increase the value of your home.

Replacing your outdated heating unit helps increase the value of your house while working to create an energy-efficient environment for everyone living there!

This is good news for you because every cent you spend on replacement, whether through installation or even just purchasing a furnace, can come back to you in increased property values.


Your new heating unit might qualify for tax credits.

Federal and state governments offer a variety of financial incentives that can help lower the upfront cost of replacement systems, which is great news considering how expensive these units tend to be!

Through energy efficiency initiatives such as the Save Energy Now Program, you could actually save money on your system purchase while also reducing your carbon footprint at home! Now that’s a win-win situation.


A new furnace will help you save on your energy bills.

With a brand-new heating system, it’s easy to worry that those costs might actually go up instead of down! But by investing in a modernized unit from the get-go, homeowners can soon discover how much money they’re saving thanks to an upgraded HVAC solution.

In fact, some companies offer perks such as free installation or even guaranteed savings for one year with their products, so make sure to find out what benefits are included when it comes time for a replacement.


New systems provide much effective comfort.

Your heating unit is responsible for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, no matter the season. So it’s essential to make sure you’re investing in something that works!

Although older systems can still technically get the job done when used correctly, new units with upgraded technology will provide much more effective comfort throughout any weather. So if you’re worried about being too cold indoors, replacement might be what you need to achieve total satisfaction from your system.


You will enjoy cleaner and safer indoor air quality.

Of course, replacing your heating system doesn’t just help you save money on energy bills or even stay more comfortable in your own home.

Upgraded technology can lead to cleaner and safer indoor air quality for everyone living there while also reducing the risk of respiratory issues like asthma. That’s one health benefit that nobody wants to live without!


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If you’re looking to replace your heating unit, it’s vital that you feel comfortable with every decision. That’s why it pays to find a professional that knows exactly what they’re doing, which is where our A&G Refrigeration heating experts come in!

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