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High-Quality Heater System Maintenance in Houma, LA

Your furnace may have been idle throughout all summer, but don’t worry- we’re here to help. With our expertise and quality service from A&G Refrigeration for the coming cold season, you can count on a high-efficiency home heating system that will keep your family warm through this winter!

We’re the experts in heater system maintenance in Houma, LA, and we can help you save money this winter. Schedule a consultation with us today!

5 Ways to Keep Your Furnace at Its Peak Performance

What happens when you don’t take care of your heating system? Well, it could break down and leave your family stiff from the winter cold. To avoid this scenario, follow these five tips for heating system maintenance:

Replace the Furnace Filter

One of the main reasons to replace your heating system’s filter is to protect it from clogging up and causing poor performance. According to the National Association of HVAC Contractors, furnaces can be defective if their motor overheats due to blocked airflow through a dirty filter. So don’t forget about it!

For proper maintenance, you have to change your heater system’s filters at least once a month or so (depending on how often you use the heater). If you live in an area where it gets dusty, more frequent replacements are expected.

Have Regular Heating Maintenance Service

Your heating system is the heart of your house, and a heating contractor that specializes in heating services knows how to handle each type, brand, and model of heating equipment.

Even if you don’t have heating problems, it is wise to schedule heating maintenance each year to keep your unit in top condition. You will never know when something bad will happen.

Keep Your Intake Pipe Clear From Any Blockage

Your heating and cooling system should be placed in an area with easy access to the outside air. Ensure no obstructions near your heating and cooling intake pipe, such as trees or hedges, fans, furnaces, evaporative coolers, etc.

Also, make sure your heating unit is not near an open window close to a wall, heating vents, or register. This is very important to prevent any heating system problems.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to more finely tailor your heating settings so that your heating system isn’t constantly running when it doesn’t need to be.

Its biggest advantage is that you can make the heating system run efficiently even when you’re not home or away from your house for an extended period.

Reduce Your Usage

Turn the heating system off when you leave the house, especially if you’re leaving for a long period. Remember to make sure all windows and doors are closed as well. Use your curtains to keep the heat inside while keeping excess light out.

If your heating system does break down, stay calm and call an HVAC professional immediately. The sooner they come to fix it or check it, the less likely any damage will occur.

Contact Our Experts Today!

We understand that having a well-functioning heating system can be a touchy subject, but the truth is that heating systems deteriorate over time. Luckily, you don’t have to sit idly by and hope for the best when it comes to heating-related issues. If you have heating system maintenance needs, our A&G Refrigeration team can help.

Contact us today at 985-464-4134, or you can visit us online! We provide quality heater system maintenance in Houma, LA and the surrounding areas.


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