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Quality Heater System Maintenance in Raceland, LA Since 1968

A&G Refrigeration provides the most dependable heater system maintenance in Raceland, LA and the nearby areas. We service all makes and models of heating systems and get the job done right and in a timely manner.

We don’t want to risk your comfort and safety in the middle of the winter season. Instead, leave you with a comfortable home or business space that you deserve.

Contact us now and get the maintenance that is right for your budget.

Signs You Need Heater System Maintenance

Your heating system can act up at any time and need immediate maintenance service. To solve the problem, you should call the pros when you experience the following:

Increasing Heating Costs

Your heating system is obviously one of the energy hogs in your building. If you notice a sudden spike in your utility costs, then one of the culprits is definitely your heater. There are several problems in the equipment that causes you energy consumption to rise, including faulty wirework, refrigerant leaks, overused air filter, poor insulation, leaky ductwork, dust buildup, and burnt motors.

Don’t let your heating system work in poor condition. Immediately schedule your heating maintenance to solve the problem and get your energy consumption back to normal.

Dusty Indoor Space

You may notice clouds of dust and dirt all over the place, despite having regular dusting or cleaning inside your home or office. This happens because your furnace accumulates dirt, dust, and allergens throughout the operation.

Regular heater system maintenance in Raceland, LA helps your equipment work well by filtering airborne particles out of your air supply. Your technician will replace your air filter and conduct a thorough cleaning in and out of the equipment to remove the dust.

Heater Fail to Turn On

Skipping your heater maintenance doesn’t only impact your IAQ; the entire system is affected as well. When the system’s parts work in poor condition, your heater may fail to kick in and won’t blow warm air into your space. This happens when it experiences low refrigerant pressure, wrong gauge setting, loose motors, or clogged filters.

With regular maintenance, all these vital parts are checked before they work for the first time, ensuring that your home or business doesn’t run out of hot air throughout the cold months.

Strange Noise

Do you hear annoying sounds when your heating system runs? Banging, humming, squealing, and other weird noises shouldn’t be there when your equipment works. These sounds are produced when your system experiences a clogged filter, mechanical or electrical issues, or something serious that needs immediate attention.

Regular heater maintenance in Raceland, LA can help restore your system’s function. Your technician will find the source of the problem and fix it right away.  

Don’t wait for your system to experience these costly issues. As early as possible, you should schedule heating maintenance to avoid the problems.

Sign Up for Heater System Maintenance with A&G Refrigeration

If you want to save yourself from the stress of costly repairs, huge heating costs, or discomfort, then have your heating system maintained regularly. A&G Refrigeration services thousands of different brands of heating systems throughout Louisiana each year. We deliver proven and tested solutions to both residential and commercial customers for all their heating maintenance needs.

We also provide heating maintenance plans that save you a huge amount of money than individual in-home visits. The program also comes with a priority service that puts you in front of the line when you need help during emergencies.

Call A&G Refrigeration at 985-805-8271 for quality heater system maintenance in Raceland, LA and the nearby areas.


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