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How to Properly Store Your A/C for the Cold Weather

How to Properly Store Your A/C for the Cold Weather

Before the cold months start, you’ll need to put away your air conditioner after exhausting it all throughout the summer. But it doesn’t end there! You’ll need to keep it under proper maintenance. However, the question is: how do you do it?

A & G Refrigeration Inc. will help you with these 5 steps on how to properly store your A/C for the cold weather.

Turn off the power to your A/C.

The exterior power circuit is in a box usually mounted to your home’s side. Lift the metal or plastic cover to find the switch. Then flip the switch to the off position and close the lid. Turning off your A/C prevents the risk of electrocution as you do the maintenance. It keeps your system from turning on during an unexpectedly warm day and keeps water out which could freeze and damage the condenser.

Do a Proper Clean-Up.

You can use a broom to sweep off twigs, leaves, and other debris on and around your cooling system. Then use a hose to wash off dirt and bird droppings. Afterward, allow your equipment to dry. Cleaning your A/C prevents it from breaking down and getting clogged when you use it during the spring and summer.

Inspect Your System.

Check for cracks and rust in the casing, as well as leaks and other irregularities. The seals must be tight and not cracked. Even though these issues may not be something to worry about, they may cause major problems later on if left alone. If you need help with the maintenance of your system, then you can contact your local HVAC contractor.

Cover Your Cooling Equipment.

You can place a waterproof vinyl or plastic cover over your system to insulate it, prevent cracking, and protect it from debris. You can buy air conditioner covers at home improvement stores. Also, you can put a waterproof tarp around your system using ropes so that strong winds won’t blow it away if it’s stored outside.

Store Your System in a Cool and Dry Room.

Did you throw away the box for your A/C? If not, you can store your system in it. That’s because it is the best storage container you can get for your air conditioner. You should pack it tightly and neatly to keep it from insects that might make a home inside your system.

We highly suggest you store your A/C in a utility closet or storage room to keep it safe and dry. However, if you need to store it in the garage, place it on a platform where fluid and corrosive chemicals won’t seep into the base of your system and potentially damage it.

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