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One of the most versatile elements in the production industry is sheet metal. It is used in many industries, such as transportation, electronics, machinery, furniture, appliances manufacturing, etc. And because it ranges in thickness and size, it can take various forms that will well suit its designed purpose.  

During the designing stage, professionals encounter many difficulties, which significantly influence the product’s outcome. There are some commonly known ways on how to fabricate sheet metal. Read on!

Top 4 Sheet Metal Fabrication Methods

There are several ways to punch, assemble, fold, and cut sheet metal structures or products. That is why today, our team at A&G Refrigeration wants to discuss some of the most common and widely used methods in sheet metal fabrication services in Houma, LA. Keep reading to know more about these techniques.

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding is the process of joining two stainless steel sheets by employing force and passing current for a while through the metal part where it will be attached.

What sets apart resistance welding is that it does not need other materials to form the connection, making it more efficient than other methods.

There are different makes of resistance welding, such as spot and seam, projection, flash, and upset welding. They vary on the type and size of weld electrodes.

Expanding Metal

The Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) punch/laser is the traditional way of adding open space in a metal. However, there is one great alternative to this, and that is the expanding metal technique.

What happens here is that the expanding machine holds the sheet of metal to stretch them out and then cuts a set of shapes into the metal material.

The expanded metals are more solid with almost the same density than the woven wire mesh, portable than solid metal sheets, and more efficient in excess raw materials than laser cutting sheet metal.

Metal Brake Bending

Almost all metal manufacturers are aware of the metal brake bending technique. This method is one of the easiest ways to make accurate bends in sheet metal. This technique applies pressure to sheet metal to forcefully and easily control the bends in any of your desired angles.

Laser Cutting

We know that mistakes happen even in sheet metal fabrication. For example, whenever metal is improperly expanded to the wrong size or shape, you will need a special procedure to form a complex shape in the sheet metal that cannot be done through the traditional expanding or bending method.

And that is where the laser cutting technique comes in. This method can produce smooth cuts in the metal in whatever shape you desire.

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